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Marijuana. The pungent flavour,  -whether you find it sinful,  tawdry, sleazy  or thrilling: it is here to stay.   Confusing  claims, counterclaims.

The controversises, the cover ups, the censored information can finally be revealed. I’ve spent thousands of hours researching the history of cannabis. If you want to look through the smokescreen, here is a discount code for my cannabis timeline. Send me your email and you’ll get the code  for a free  version of my timeline. Do it now.

There is no other place where you find this condensed  high quality insight. What really happened, particularly in the last 100 years since Rockefeller altruistically decided to modernise medicinal practise.

You need to understand  the forces that have shaped the past to understand  the future. Wether you like  cannabis or detest it.

Israel is at the leading edge of cannabis reseach, and   no less than Raphael Mechoulam predicts that in the near future  40% of all medicine will be based on cannabis or  incorporate some constituent of it.

I have spent the last 40 odd years observing and analysing what is going on . Over the last years I had the opportunity, and felt the time is right to connect  the dots in this disrorted landscape.  Distorted by laws and smookescreens of  various interested groups.

The hysteria and massaged  public emotions  towards a plant that grows anywhere between the 60th parallel  northern and 60th parallel southern latitude is remarkable. Even more so since its   main component is identical or very similar to the largest  neurotransmitter system (Endocannabinoid system ECS) in  humans and animals. Aged over the last 500 million years.

Endo meets- finally – its  plant derived, phyto (cannabinoid) mirror image.

One thing is certain, in spite of the heated  claims and counter claims of  societal harms: it won’t go away.  The true meaning of ‘euphoria’ in Greek is : wellbeing, bearing well. And perhaps we can accept, as the pioneer in medical marijuana, Dr Mikuryia suggests, a new medical category  in the context of cannabis: ‘easyment’ (2)


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