Henry Ford, the Schlichten decorticator and renewable alternative to fossil fuels

Hemp ethanol is about five times cheaper than gasoline

According to biofuel expert Tim Castleman, hemp ethanol could be produced for 1.37 per gallon plus the cost of the feedstock, with technological improvements and tax credits reducing the price another dollar or so per gallon!
Tell that to Henry Ford and the Chemurgy group in 1930s who had high hopes on renewable energies for cars from hemp through usage of the Schlichten decorticator.

All for nothing due to -as it seems the finanical investments by Melon banks investment in Du Pond, General Motors and possibly Hearst’s which needed protecting.

Andrew Mellon was the head of the Treasury and as such Anslinger’s boss. Around 1934 Anslinger changed tack with regard to Marijuana enforcement on federal level: initially perhaps only to get the Uniform Narcotic Act signed up by the States, though there are some indications that inside the treasury they gave him instructions to go for the Marihuana tax Act – which he really didn’t want, was understaffed and only had half hearted support of the states in the depth of the depression.

Fact is the orchestrated Reefer Madness media campaigns started just after the Volstead Act had been repealed by the new President, a democrat ( Anslinger was a Republican and might well have feared for his job or heard of plans to amalgate the FBN with all other secret services.

MARIHUANA TAX ACT of 1937 which hysterically claimed to go after non existing marihuana fiends did in fact wipe out thehemp industry which had a very promising future at that point in time . ( Popular mechanics headline 1938 spoke of ‘a 1 billion dollar crop of hemp’ . The MTA 37 outlawed a little little know, geographically and demographically limited drug called MARIHUANA , possibly the main purpose was to stop the industrial revival of hemp due to the labour saving Schlichten decorticator . ( Jefferson’s and Washington’s investments in hemp production had failed because of the intense and unpleasant labour processes involved.

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