1896 Toulouse Lautrec gives Aubrey Beardsley a piece of hashish to eat

After a  couple of hours where he started to complain that  he is not feeling anything different ,  Beardsley broke out into loud, tumultous laughter ,which apparently was so  infectious that they all  had to laugh uncontrollable, even though they hadn’t ingested any .-With them  was  the publisher of de decadents, Leonard Smithers. Toulouse Lautrec  hfeared sthey might get thrown out but fortunately they were in a chambre privee . which probably was sound insulated with more than a curtain. Those chambre privee  never made it into anglo saxon space? Anyway here Aubrey Beardsley went on to develop his own  artistic visual style and here is the cover of  FITZ HUGH LUDLUM – the american son of a vicar from a small town where 100 years later Woodstock music and arts fair was organised by cannabis traders

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